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Standing Firm in the Midst of a COVID19 Economy

Fighting through tough times!

The meeting & event industries (like many others) are facing some extremely challenging times! But despite the obstacles we face, our hope is that our community will stand strong and persevere through these unforeseen times. Therefore, we wanted to take a moment to list some things to do, to ensure that we ARE NOT responding to our current circumstances with worry, but instead staying positive and pushing forward.

Ways to Staying Positive!

1. First and foremost, let’s regularly check in with our team. Making sure that those closest to us are taken care of. Now, more than ever, we need to stand with our loved ones.

2. Let’s show compassion and empathy to our clients who have worked so hard to build and promote their events, but are now forced to cancel, postpone or reschedule.

3. Don't forget to show continued support for those clients who are on hold waiting to see whether or not they will cancel their future events. Showing our gratitude by doubling down and going above and beyond for them like never before.

4. Reach out to past and present partners/clients. Check in on them and let them know they’re in our thoughts and prayers. WE are a community. Support one another as people first, businesses second.

5. Last but not least, follow credible sources and stay updated on the latest news. Like the CDC and accredited professionals. A lot of news stations and other media have, and will, find ways to push their agenda. Avoid that negativity and find places that give raw facts and are prioritizing helping their listeners stay educated, NOT influenced!

We hope this helps! Thoughts and prayers going out to you all!

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