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Breakdancers on Old Orchard Beach | Bay Breaks Entertainment

In early August of 2017, Bay Breaks Entertainment L.L.C had the pleasure of providing breakdance entertainment in Old Orchard Beach, Maine for Salvation Army's OOB Pier Festival! This was a fun event that consisted of numerous acts and performances from various parts of the country. It's always fun for us when we get to share the stage with other performers! As artists, we find that community with other artists usually leads to creative inspiration.

As we dive into 2018, we are excited about future opportunities to partner and work with other companies-like Salvation Army, that sees the value in bringing artists together to create live and exciting events and entertainment! Hope you enjoy the video.


Looking to add some excitement to your corporate meeting? Then you have come to the right place! Bay Breaks Entertainment is a performing arts company that provides live entertainment and services for corporate events, celebrations, theme parks, sporting events, festivals and more! Our a professional team consists of world class performers, musicians and artists. We have the ability to customize our services, to fit and fulfill the needs of your event.

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