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  • Ramon Martinez

Corporate Entertainment at its Best! | Bay Breaks Entertainment

In my career I've found that many Entertainer's lack of success has less to do with their ability to perform, and more to do with their inability to understand the needs of the end consumer. In this article, I want to focus on two principles that will help other entertainers find success in "showbiz." But before you continue to read this post, let me remind you that this is not excuse for entertainers to stop working on their craft. Being a great artist, performer, entertainer, etc. is the starting point to playing in the game. It's what you do on top of that makes you a real threat, a true contender.

Adding Value vs. Showing Off

Regardless of what your craft or market is, success is about adding value. Whether

you're selling a product, providing a service, or simply building relationships, you win

when your adding value to your end consumer. In the corporate entertainment world, adding value isn’t just providing quality performances. That means it's not just about the artistry and/or creative. To truly create memorable and unforgettable experiences for your clients, you need to reverse engineer your client’s needs. And to do this in an effective manner you need first ask the right questions (some examples below).

  • What’s your business?

  • What’s your goal for this event?

  • How can this event help your business be successful?

  • Who are your guests?

  • What are key indicators that determine whether or not your event is a success?

When we ask informative questions like these, it allows us to contextualize our entertainment in a way that is specific to the needs and wants of the client. The biggest issue most creatives have is that they put their “art” above their client’s needs. The inner struggle for every entertainer is to come to the realization that corporate entertainment is less about you showing off your skills, and more about contextualizing your entertainment to meet the demands of each event. Just because a stage performance cost more, doesn't mean it's the right fit for your magician. More times than not a little stolling magic during a networking hour is just what the audience needs. And yes, your dancers might be amazing and probably could put on a phenomenal show, but sometimes a little party starting is just the right fit for your client's corporate meeting. Moral of the story is this, find the need of the event and contextualize your entertainment to fit that need. That's how you add value, that's how you win!

Over Deliver

Before we became business owners, we too were professional entertainers. And as actual entertainment practitioners, we’ve met and worked with other great practitioners. As both Mario and I became influencers within the industry, we both realized that there was one common character trait among the best of the best. They all did and gave more than what was expected of them. See, within the performing arts and entertainment industry, everyone thinks that they are the best. But what many fail to realize (often due to lack of humility) is that we are spendible. There are always other options!

If there was one thing I wish I could instill in all of our entertainers, it would be gratitude. One of the biggest blessings an artist of any kind can experience is getting paid to do what you love. When you truly recognize what an honor it is to be doing what you love, it's not hard to go above and beyond for your clients. And no, I don't mean getting taken advantage of. I'm talking about going the extra mile for your clients. We always tell our performers that here at Bay Breaks we strive to over deliver. We strive to bring more value to our clients than they could bring us. Sometimes it's hard, but it's the right mindset to have.

Bay Breaks Entertainment is a new company that competes against some of the best. Booking corporate meetings and events is no easy task. That is why when an opportunity comes up we understand the importance of adding true value and over delivering for our clients.

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