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  • Ramon Martinez

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful | Tropical Nights 2018

Tropical Nights has been the premiere fundraising event for Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful. In the past 27 years, this corporate event has raised millions of dollars for the local non-profit. An event like this is critical in providing the funding needed to continue environmental programs that help keep our amazing city of Tampa Bay beautiful. That is why it was a pleasure for Bay Breaks Entertainment's performers to provide the best entertainment for this charity event!

After the event, I (Ramon) had the privilege of connecting with some of the guests and Keep TBB partners, who provided some insightful feedback on our corporate entertainment. Each compliment we received about the breakdancers and stilt walkers touched on a different aspect of our performances. It was at this moment that I was reminded of why our breakdancers (some of the best in the world) and stilt walkers add so much value to our clients' events.


From smooth choreography, to insane stunts and acrobatics, one breakdancer can cover the job of multiple performers. Not convinced? Well, in just one breakdancer you will find a dancer, acrobat, stuntman, artist, party starter and more. It's the versatility these b-boys and b-girls have that truly excite our clients and their guests.

Stilt Walkers

Everyone knows that in any event, dead air or dead time is detrimental to the success of your vision. That is why we strategically use our stilt walkers to add exciting entertainment in key points throughout the night. It's a simple as turning that awkward hour into an exciting photo opportunity for your guests. Using hashtags on social media as a means to create an online community around your event, is a fantastic way to prevent any potential dead time.

Are you looking to add simple yet profound entertainment to your event, but aren't sure where to start? Why not try some amazing breakdancers and extremely fun stilt walkers? They are guaranteed to be a hit with your guests!

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